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What’s included when hiring a personal chef? 

  • Initial consultation, multiple courses or entrees customized to your preferences, grocery shopping, cooking, kitchen clean-up, packaging, labeling, storage, and follow-up.

Is the menu the same every time when hiring a personal chef?

  • Only if you want it to be. Your personal chef will create a new menu for you each time you see them. Some clients go months without ever having a repeat meal. Click here to view sample menus.

Are groceries included?

  • No, groceries are paid for separately from the chef’s fee. This is to ensure you receive fine, organic meats, produce and pantry ingredients.

Can I add additional dishes to what my chef suggests?

  • You can always add an extra side, salad or soup if you feel you need a little extra. Just ask!

Does a personal chef make special food for children?

  • Your chef will consider everyone’s tastes when menu planning. Be sure to let your chef know in advance if children will have particular needs.

How do I choose between a plated dinner or a buffet?

  • A buffet allows the guests to help themselves to as much or as little food as they would like. Food is either served buffet-style in chafing dishes or “family-style” at the table. A plated dinner consists of multiple courses, served at the table like a restaurant. A buffet is ideal for a casual event or when you have many different tastes involved. Keep in mind buffets tend to cost more because more food needs to be purchased but having left-overs for the next day are very likely. Plated dinners are typically more formal and good for business dinners and special occasions.

How many courses are included with my dinner party or catering event?

  • A minimum of three courses will come with your event service, but you can have up to seven courses.

Can I add more courses?

  • You can add up to six courses to your event menu.

How many guests can you serve?

  • My team and I specialize with events of 1–300 guests, please ask if you are concerned!

Do you have servers?

  • I maintain a network of skilled servers and bartenders that I can staff for your event. The typical pay rate for servers is $35 per hour and for bartenders, $50 per hour.

How do you determine the budget for these events?

  • The budget for each party is unique depending on the guest count, style, size, and complexity of the menu. Your total will consist of a service fee and a grocery budget. The service fee is what we charge for services and labor. The average grocery budget is between $80–$150 per person. We can create an estimate for you once details of a menu are discussed. We will then present you with a final budget for approval, collect deposit, and agree to an event contract, depending on the event.

What is the average cost of a personal chef?

  • The cost of a personal chef averages $400 per day based on experience and workload. More healthy than a restaurant, you’ll always have quality food ready, in the fridge cooked just for you! 

Do you deliver meals?

  • We are available for drop-off meal services. Contact for delivery pricing and details.

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